Stewarding Our Waterways Through Iowa Project AWARE

April 22, 2022

Over the last few years, I have had the honor of participating as staff for Iowa Project AWARE. I sift through all of the trash that volunteers find in the river — glass, plastic, metal, tires and the odd assortment of unusual items. I also have the pleasure of…

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Breaking Ground: An Updated Timeline for ICON’s Downtown Sites

February 28, 2022

For all of ICON’s existence, its downtown run has only been hypothetical. While many regional sites already exist and are ready for recreators, the vision for the rivers at the heart of Des Moines has yet to be fully realized. With groundbreaking at several locations on the horizon and…

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ICON Water Trails Year in Review

January 31, 2022

As we enter into the first full year of ICON Water Trails’ existence, it only seems appropriate to reflect on all that was accomplished in 2021. This project, which started as the bold dream of a few, has developed into a regional movement for conservation, safety and quality of life.

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5 Reasons to Support ICON Water Trails with Your Year-End Giving

December 13, 2021

As 2021 comes to a close, many individuals and families are considering what organizations to support with their year-end giving. There are hundreds of fantastic causes that you can invest in, and of course, one of those is ICON Water Trails. Whether you’re passionate about safeguarding our natural resources…

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Vamos a Pescar Grants Help Engage Hispanic Communities in Fishing

November 29, 2021

Fishing is a fun activity that the entire family can enjoy together, from kids to grandparents. It’s a wonderful way to get back to what’s important. Participation in fishing also helps fund fishery management so our lakes and rivers have robust fisheries. The Des Moines River in Downtown Des Moines…

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Q&A With Wild Prairie Showdown Contestant, Joey Taylor-moon

October 21, 2021

Our partners at the Great Outdoors Foundation are hosting the first-ever Wild Prairie Showdown, a pseudo pageant featuring four everyday advocates competing to raise funds, awareness and support for conservation and outdoor recreation initiatives throughout Central Iowa. We sat down with Joey Taylor-Moon, Vice President of Marketing…

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Planning with Purpose: ICON from Vision to Reality

September 29, 2021

Years ago, when the Greater Des Moines Water Trails and Greenways Master Plan was adopted and ICON was officially set in motion, the group of masterminds leading the charge knew there had to be a strategy behind the progression of the project. Between dangerous low heads dams, a robust business…

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Shoreline Signals, Heads Up!

August 31, 2021

As we re-imagine our relationship to our creeks and rivers through ICON, so too will we reimagine the role of the arts in our community. In 2020 the National Endowment for the Arts awarded a grant to our region for Shoreline Signals. Shoreline Signals will use public…

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Creating an ICON is About Creating Connection

July 30, 2021

What you need to talk about is how you’re bringing together a confluence of different cultures. – BIPOC Interviewee Des Moines is not only the confluence of two rivers but also the confluence of different people, cultures, identities, and lifestyles. While creating a unified and connected water trail system…

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