We Are Just In Between Swims

June 27, 2023

That title is accurate. We are all in between swims. It’s only a matter of time before we misjudge while reading a river, we lose our balance while leaning the wrong direction or maybe we cross an eddyline and are not ready for the current and next thing you know,…

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Stewarding Waterways Through Riverfest 2023

May 26, 2023

Water is — and always has been — a source of vitality. In Iowa, our local rivers, streams, and creeks provide the water that eventually flows from the tap in our homes. Like any other natural resource, water deserves to be protected and stewarded, and it’s up to us to…

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It’s Actually Groundbreaking!

April 27, 2023

On April 27, 2023, ICON Water Trails and its partners broke ground on the future Scott Avenue site, Principal Point. The event was the culmination of a significant milestone in the lifeline of the project and allowed ICON and its stakeholders to celebrate the commencement of its future downtown run.

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An Update on the ICON Downtown Run

March 30, 2023

As ICON’s project manager, it’s my responsibility to oversee ICON’s current downtown projects. These consist of the dam mitigations at Scott Avenue and Fleur Drive and the regional park improvements at Birdland Marina, Prospect Park, and Harriet Street. ICON’s downtown run has a major milestone ahead as we prepare…

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A Look Back at 2022

January 30, 2023

Last year was filled with a number of accomplishments and milestones for ICON Water Trails. This transformational quality-of-life initiative is already making waves in our community with 14 access points open and accessible. We’re thrilled with what we’ve been able to accomplish, but we’re even more excited for what’s…

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Stewarding Our Waterways Through Iowa Project AWARE

April 22, 2022

Over the last few years, I have had the honor of participating as staff for Iowa Project AWARE. I sift through all of the trash that volunteers find in the river — glass, plastic, metal, tires and the odd assortment of unusual items. I also have the pleasure of…

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Breaking Ground: An Updated Timeline for ICON’s Downtown Sites

February 28, 2022

For all of ICON’s existence, its downtown run has only been hypothetical. While many regional sites already exist and are ready for recreators, the vision for the rivers at the heart of Des Moines has yet to be fully realized. With groundbreaking at several locations on the horizon and…

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ICON Water Trails Year in Review

January 31, 2022

As we enter into the first full year of ICON Water Trails’ existence, it only seems appropriate to reflect on all that was accomplished in 2021. This project, which started as the bold dream of a few, has developed into a regional movement for conservation, safety and quality of life.

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