Walnut Creek Access Points

Walnut Creek’s sites invite you to reconnect with your childhood—or introduce new generations to the water—as you explore the creek. Improvements will offer easy access to family-friendly wading, miles of unpaved trails and more. Learn more about the sites and plan your adventure today.

Future Sites

This project isn't quite done yet, but we're hard at work preparing this water trail for public use. These improvements will ensure a safe, enjoyable experience for all users while providing the necessary protection for this important environment. Be sure to check back periodically for updates on this water trail, and in the meantime, feel free to explore our other amazing amenities in and along our waterways.

Future Site

Site 42 Walnut Creek

This access point is within Walnut Creek Regional Park and offers:

  • Extensive trail networks
  • Playgrounds, natural play areas and a basketball court
  • Prairie restoration near the creek


  • Additional soft trails for easier access to the creek
  • Stairs on both sides of the water
  • Areas to relax along the creek
  • Educational signage
Future Site

Site 45 Walnut Creek

This access point is along North Walnut Creek in one of Urbandale’s signature amenities, Walker Johnston Park. It offers:

  • Trails
  • Playgrounds and natural play features
  • Baseball and softball fields
  • Tennis courts
  • Skate park
  • The Giovannetti Community Center
  • Public art
  • Picnic shelter
  • Restrooms


  • Limestone stair creek access
  • Educational signage
  • An outdoor learning space
  • Respite seating
Future Site

Site 53 Walnut Creek

This access point is near the Clive Aquatic Center, where the City of Clive is planning its future Greenbelt Triad.


  • Carry-down access
  • A short loop for waders, tubers, paddlers and anglers to complement the downstream access
  • Stairs to the shoreline
  • Soft trails
  • Educational signage near the Clive Library and City Hall
Future Site

Site 55 Walnut Creek

This access point is near the Clive Greenbelt and offers:

  • Stream restoration
  • A playground
  • Parking

Improvements will benefit park visitors, trail users, paddlers, waders and anglers.


  • Stairs to the water on each side of the creek
  • Strategically placed large stones for stream crossing
  • A soft trail loop on the west side of the creek
  • Seating near the water and educational signs
  • Historic oxbow restoration to decrease flooding and improve water quality
Future Site

Site 57 Walnut Creek

This access point is within Colby Park in Windsor Heights, which has been transformed in recent years. It offers:

  • Windsor Heights Community Center
  • Covered performance pavilion
  • The Walnut Creek Trail
  • A playground, tennis courts and a ball field
  • A dog park and green space
  • Parking and restrooms

Improvements provide a connection to the creek for park and trail users.


  • Carry-down access
  • Natural play areas
  • Respite seating near the creek
  • Limestone stairs to the shoreline
  • Public art
  • Educational signage
  • Soft trails
  • Streambank restoration

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