July 20, 2023

On June 20, the Great Outdoors Foundation announced that the City of Urbandale was selected as its newest grantee of the MidAmerican Energy Company Regional Fund, a $5 million endowment invested in ICON Water Trails. The funding will be used to establish access to Walnut Creek within the future Clive Greenbelt Landing, a recommendation outlined in the 86 improvements of the original ICON feasibility study.


This multi-faceted project will enhance and improve Greenbelt Landing’s current amenities, including the Clive Aquatic Center, which sees over 55,000 visitors each summer, renovate the existing community building, and enhance the existing trailhead for access to the Clive Greenbelt Trail, which sees 200,000+ uses each year. This project will also add new features and amenities to the site including:

  • ICON Water Trails access point on Walnut Creek
  • Outdoor performance stage.
  • Formal festival grounds.
  • All-inclusive playground.
  • Accessible fishing pier.
  • Stormwater wetland.

“We are incredibly grateful to MidAmerican Energy Company for its leadership in this major placemaking endeavor,” Richard Brown, Leisure Services Director for the City of Clive, said. “We believe that the Greenbelt Landing will not only strengthen the connectivity within ICON, but will also provide unique experiences to engage with nature for residents and visitors of all ability levels.”


The City of Clive’s Greenbelt Landing project is an excellent example of how a community can improve conservation efforts in their area. The project seeks to improve the conservation of the site and the Walnut Creek Watershed in several ways.

First, the Greenbelt Landing project will create a designated landing area for watercraft, which will minimize the need for boats to be launched from other areas along the creek. This would reduce the potential for soil erosion and sedimentation, which can negatively impact the water quality and wildlife habitats. Second, the project will implement measures to improve water quality, including the use of erosion control practices and stormwater management techniques like stabilization of the banks on Walnut Creek and the construction of a stormwater wetland that treat all the stormwater from the site and from 114th Street. This would minimize the amount of pollutants and sediment that enter the creek, protecting the aquatic life and improving the overall health of the Walnut Creek Watershed. Finally, the Greenbelt Landing project will promote conservation by providing an opportunity to showcase the natural beauty of the area. This would encourage visitors to appreciate the importance of protecting the environment and increase awareness about the conservation efforts needed to maintain the health of the watershed.


This project will increase access to outdoor recreation by providing a new entry and exit point for water trail enthusiasts along the Greenbelt trail. The landing area would be specifically designed for kayaks and canoes, allowing people to easily and safely launch and dock their watercraft. This landing area would provide an access point for water trail enthusiasts, allowing them to start and end their trips along the Greenbelt trail. This would make it easier for individuals and families to engage in water-based outdoor activities, promoting a healthier lifestyle and increased physical activity. The addition of the wetland walk to the Greenbelt Landing project would provide a new and unique experience for outdoor enthusiasts by allowing them to enjoy the natural beauty of the area from a different perspective. By providing easy access to the water, people can experience the natural surroundings in a new way, promoting a deeper appreciation for the outdoors. The landing area would also be located along the existing Greenbelt trail, providing a variety of outdoor recreational activities for visitors. Visitors can walk, run, bike, or kayak along the trail, creating an outdoor recreational destination that appeals to a variety of interests and abilities.